What Is Land Rover InControl?

March 13th, 2018 by

Land Rover InControl Apps

What is Land Rover InControl? This suite of services and applications comes available on new Land Rover models so that Mobile drivers can stay connected while on the go. It features the following functionalities:

  • Infotainment
  • Connectivity
  • Remote & Protect
  • Stolen Vehicle Locator


There are two distinct Land Rover InControl systems that keep you informed and entertained no matter where you’re headed.

  • InControl Touch: Features 2D or 3D maps, intuitive touch and swipe controls, climate controls, seamless phone connectivity, and more.
  • InControl Touch Pro: Features natural voice control, a multi-touch screen, fully customizable interface, and more.


Land Rover Incontrol lets you stay connected with programs like:

  • Connected navigation, which features Real Time Traffic Flow, door-to-door routing, satellite and street views, and more
  • InControl Wi-Fi, which allows up to eight devices to connect to the Internet
  • InControl Apps, which allows you to access apps as you would on your phone

Land Rover InControl Remote and Protect

With the Land Rover InControl Remote app, you can:

  • Lock and unlock car doors
  • Remotely start your car and adjust climate
  • Find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot

Take advantage of InControl Remote and Protect services, such as:

  • SOS Emergency Call, which connects you to an emergency call center
  • Optimized Land Rover Assistance, which sends location information and vehicle diagnostics to roadside assistance

Stolen Vehicle Locator

With GPS tracking, the Stolen Vehicle Locator included in Land Rover InControl helps police locate and recover your vehicle if stolen.

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