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October 26th, 2016 by

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No travel experience is the same for everyone. With the new #cityevocation project Land Rover aims to show how different people view their hometowns and places their visiting in different lights and how these experiences help inspire them to create art in their chosen medium.

Take an Inspirational Ride in the Range Rover Evoque

The #cityevocation project showcases four different artists in three different cities across the country. Each of these artists takes viewers on a short ride through their city in the Range Rover Evoque while explaining what parts of the particular city inspires them and how they use that inspiration within their work.

The first ride we take is with photographer Paul Jung, who takes us on a quick tour through cities in New York. He explains that he sees the real beauty of the city through the architecture and the shapes of buildings and that is where he finds the inspiration to create his art through photos.

In our next ride we find ourselves with artists Cleo Wade and Liza Voloshin taking a ride through New Orleans and discussing the way the various colors and moods dancing throughout the streets of the city help to provide inspiration for their art through the emotions they feel when experiencing these things.

On our last trip, we take a cruise through the streets of Los Angeles with music producer Them Jeans as he tells us how the hustle and bustle, welcoming warmth, and sounds of each city come to him as inspiration for his music.

Be a Part of the Bigger Picture

The #cityevocation project is the Land Rover way of showing that driving through each city is a different experience for each person and that in the end, we’re all just part of the bigger picture. Learn more about how you can start your own adventures today by visiting the team at Land Rover Gulf Coast.

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